Roth Computer Register was founded by Paul W. Roth in 1952 and we believe that “It’s the people that make the difference.”

Our customers benefit from employees that have a wide variety of education and experience. This gives them that extra advantage and experience.

We are a family owned and operated business keeping companies in business for years.  We have been servicing the Tri-State region since 1952 and have separate departments for sales, hardware service, and support and installation. We do not have the one person can fix all  know all. It’s never been the product that makes the company but the other way around. Our people are what makes the products we represent work best for our customers. We are big enough to handle jobs across the country but small enough to work with each mom and pop location. Choice of products and bundling of programming, installation, delivery and training sets us apart from a lot of the competition. With choice comes solutions in multiple budget ranges.

We are affiliated with RSPA (Retail Solution Providers Association) and the Pittsburgh Purveyors helping Pittsburgh and the Tri-State region since 1935.

“We help a lot of businesses be successful by guiding them into the right system, training them how to use the product and providing support, advice and direction to make them successful.” “We constantly strive to stay leading edge with constant training and continuing education.”

We cover the hospitality, retail, and grocery industries.