We have a lot of choices to help you solve issues in the touch screen, point of sale, cash register and scale industries.

Our account managers bundle programming, delivery, installation and training with all systems and hybrid registers. We have a wealth of knowledge from years in business since 1952.


roth-touchscreenTouch screens come in various sizes and applications today. Roth has a number of choices in this area of the point of sale marketplace including all in one units, freestanding touch screens, hand held tablets and smart phone apps.

FUTURE POS is a state of the art software technology serving the hospitality and retail industries. It is a feature rich product offering:

  • built in gift card module, frequent diner or shopper, drivers license verification, integrated credit card processing
  • scanning, integrated scale option, QuickBooks™ interface, multi column modifiers, check splitting, open architecture
  • delivery, happy hour pricing, button security, email reporting, mobile apps., online ordering
  • employee labor scheduling, payroll interface, end to end encryption credit card options for PCI security
  • digital signage, customized programming, security camera interface with text insertion
  • lots of reporting options and many more features and functions for the business owner that wants more and a great return on investment.

With hundreds of installs under our belt, we are more than happy to give you a no obligation demonstration. Point of sale systems can be one terminal or as many as you want with back office options too. All of our sales can be bundled with programming, delivery, installation, and training to make the customer self supportive. Warranties and maintenance are available on each system.


roth-hybridHybrids offer cash register functionality with the benefit of a built in touch screen. They are an exceptionally powerful machine offering:

  • Touch Screen features along with “Combo” Pricing in the Fast Food Industry
  • Stock Keeping
  • Back Office Interface Capabilities along with QuickBooks™ Interface Option
  • Employee Time Keeping
  • Integration of Scales, Scanners, and Integrated Credit Card to name a few

Programming, delivery, installation and training can be bundled with the hardware purchase.

Cash Registers

Simplicity. Efficient. Inexpensive.
roth-cash-registerMany cash registers of today give you system options without the greater expense. Many simple cash registers we carry today have back office integration for reporting and archiving, QuickBooks™ interface, kitchen printer interface, scale integration, scanners, and a multitude of options that provide a return on investment for any size register purchased. They are much more reliable than registers of the past. Today’s registers have built in thermal printers eliminating ribbons and dot head repairs.

  • Back Office / Computer Interface
  • Polling/Reporting
  • QuickBooks™ Interface
  • EXTENDED WARRANTIES ARE AVAILABLE after manufacturer’s warranties expire.
  • Stock Keeping and simplified inventories are available on some registers and hybrids to help watch your physical inventories.

Interfaceable to:

  • Scales
  • Scanners
  • Coin Dispensers
  • Kitchen Printers
  • Security Cameras
  • Integrated Credit Card
  • Kitchen Video
  • Register to Regsiter

Supplies, Paper Rolls, Ribbons in many sizes and quantity discounts are available with same day shipping.

Digital Scales

roth-digital-scaleRoth has been carrying digital scales since 1979. Load cell construction has allowed rugged and long term usage to many scale industries in the Pittsburgh and Tri-State regions. Various businesses include but not limited to grocery, convenience, deli, meat, produce and bakery departments. Integrated scales can be used at the front end in point of sale areas for bulk produce, candies, nuts, dry goods, bulk foods, ice cream and yogurt shops as well as salad by the pound applications.

Heavy capacity, portion control areas at restaurants, counting scales, and precision scales are also available. Scale applications that require label printing for weight, price per pound, and total price along with ingredients, nutritional information, recipes, suggestive selling and safe handling instructions and bar coding are available on integral printers in various models.

  • Free Standing
  • Price Computing
  • Interfaceable
  • Portion Control
  • Barcoding
  • Integral Printer
  • Label Supplies
  • Ingredient Printing
  • Safe Handling
  • Suggestive Selling
  • Nutritional Information

Money Counters

roth-money-counterRoth has been selling and supporting The Banker money counting system for a number of years. It’s unique attributes include the capabilities listed below:

  • Loose Change
  • Rolled Money
  • Loose Bills
  • Straps/Clips
  • Verify Deposits
  • Till Counting


roth-scannerRoth has a wide variety of scanner peripherals available in many price configurations.  Scanners can be interfaced to cash registers, hybrid registers and point of sale terminals. They come in serial and USB options and in many hand held and in counter solutions.

  • Handheld
  • IN Counter
  • Sunrise Compliant
  • 1G and 2G avalable
  • Barcoding
  • Omni Directional

PowerVar Electrical Protection Equipment

Available as an option to help each POS installation with issues of brown or black outs including electrical spikes, surges, and sags. Great equipment for battery back up, surge suppression, line conditioning, noise reduction and ground looping. Added to new POS proposals increases life expectancy of equipment, communications reliability and equipment warranties. Ask for details!